ジャパンスペシャルモデル The Japan Special Model, is Japan original color line that is not listed in PRADCO's master catalog. It is special colors made from a completely different idea from traditions, reproduced masterpiece lure from the master catalog of waste, that is dreams and romance for every anglers not only for collection. In Japan, OFT, SMITH, UOYA the three companies, lure color reproduce the model and color was active in each brand, Heddon and REBEL, Cotton Cordell, Arbogast. You are difficult to get abroad the Japan Special color and the model, such as Japan. Japan Special credit for such large, we, AMERICAN BASS SHOP, offers these products and many line-up.

ジャパンスペシャルカラーは、PRADCO社のマスターカタログには掲載されていない、日本独自のカラーラインナップです。名門ルアーブランドの伝統とは全く違う発想で作られたスペシャルカラーやマスターカタログから廃版になった名作ルアーの復刻など、ルアーコレクターだけではなくアングラーすべての垂涎の的であり、釣り人に夢とロマンをもたらしています。日本国内において、OFT、SMITH、UOYAの3社は、HeddonやREBEL、Cotton Cordell、Arbogast等各ブランドで活躍していたルアーの復刻モデルや復刻カラー、日本オリジナルカラーなどをPRADCO社協力の元、取り扱っておりアメリカを含めた海外で手にすることは非常に困難なものとなっています。そうしたジャパンスペシャルの功績は大きく、私たちAMERICAN BASS SHOPでは、これらの商品を多数ラインアップしています。


We think it's great that I smile against nature. Smile make the people happy. And fosters human happiness. Smile is a treasure. We want to hand down the treasure to the children, the next generation. OFT support the creation of smiles and memories trough the fishing.


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Smith has been founded since 1970 as a manufacturer of the lure. We sell Heddon lures, import of foreign products, and product original items that we sell. About Heddon lures we treated as authorized dealers from around the James Heddon's before being absorbed into PRADCO, 1977. We import Heddon lures and other imports, such as rods, and to sell. We still request to puroduce Smith's original lure by Heddon, WOUNDED ZARA, ZARA GOSSA Jr, and Smith's original color, SMGS, SMGH, and S series, S-1, to import and to sell.In recent years, We request to reproduce good old lures, MAGNUM TIGER, SWAYBACK ZARA, to import and sell.


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UOYA Co., Ltd. is a Japanese wholesale merchant of fishing goods from all over the world


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Do you know about Japanese ”Silver Thread ”Fishing Lines ? In Japan ,there is a fishing line brand called Silver Thread which is manufactured by UNITIKA.
This Japanese Silver Thread is totally separate and different from the one by PRADCOFishing. UNITIKA Silver Thread Fishing Lines are manufactured as an integrated product, right from yarn through to the complrted fishing line, here in Japan.
UNITIKA started its business as The AMAGASAKI SPINNING COMPANY in 1889. The AMAGASAKI SPINNING COMPANY was then combined with a very similar business to form The DAINIHON SPINNING CO. in 1918. Eventually, through careful steady growth and after severl strategic mergers and acquisitions it UNITIKA Co.Ltd. was finally fully established in 1969.

It continues on strongly as UNITIKA, a company which has vast experience in specialist manufacture,research and development of fibers.
UNITIKA is well known and respected by Japanese people in the various business area of apparel, agriculture and environmentally friendly products.
It is known as one of the top five fiber makers in Japan , together with TOYO Spinning Co.,TEIJIN, KURASHIKI Spinning Co. and ASAHIKASEI . The Fishing lines are manufactured by a special technique , using a carefully selected and developed set of fibers, perfect for the job.

This is UNITIKA Silver Thread . It is true that PRADCO's Silver Thread brand has won the reputation amongst American anglers , of being a trustworthy fishing line.
However,did you know that UNITIKA's Silver Thread brand isextremely popular amangst Japanese anglers, precisely because they can rely 100% on the quality of fishing line it offers ? Three kind of UNITIKA Silver Thread brand are currently available : Monofilament copolymer nylon line ; Fuluorocarbon line; Braid line( Braided Polyethylene fiber )

We can not recommend these to you more highly.

They are truly superb and you will surely be delighted with the excellent Japanese Quality of UNITIKA Silver Thread brand fishing lines.
UNITIKA Silver Thread has to be tried to be believed , it is a product that will bring years of painstaking and dedicated research experience, right to your fishing experience !

皆さんがご存知のPRADCO Fishing のSilver Threadとは別に、日本のユニチカが原糸から完成品の釣り糸まで一貫して製造、販売しているSilver Thread というラインブランドがあります。

その繊維のプロであるユニチカが製造をてがけているのが、ユニチカ Silver Thread Fishing Linesです。
PRADCOのSilver Threadは、アメリカの多くのプロアングラーが信頼するFishing Lineですが、ユニチカのSilver Threadも日本の多くのアングラーにとって人気があり、信頼している釣り糸です。

ラインアップは、モノフィラメント コポリマーナイロンライン、フロロカーボンライン、PE(BREID)ラインの3種類です。


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